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Head and Neck Radiology - Original Article 2016
A practical formula for determining growth
1 Department of Orthodontics, Gazi University School of Dentistry, Ankara, Turkey  
2 Department of Orthodontics, Gazi University School of Dentistry, Ankara, Turkey; Department of Biostatistics, Ankara University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey  
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Purpose: This study aimed to establish a practical method to evaluate the skeletal age using cervical vertebrae.


Materials and methods: The study consisted of hand-wrist and cephalometric radiographs of 324 (167 girls, 157 boys) (age range 7.3-17.2 years) subjects. Skeletal ages of the subjects were calculated from hand-wrist radiographs, and cervical vertebral bodies were measured using cephalometric radiographs. A single formula based on C3 and C4 vertebral body heights with two different coefficients for genders was derived using Ridge regression analysis.


Results: The correlation coefficients for vertebral and hand/wrist bone age were 0.825 and 0.856 for girls and boys, respectively. The correlations among vertebral bone age, C3_H and C4_H were also found to be significant. The intraclass correlation (ICC) score was found to be 0.914, which shows high consistency between two measurements of same investigator for each C3_H and C4_H results. Ridge regression formulas with two different coefficients for genders were determined.



Conclusion: The formula derived for evaluating skeletal age in cephalometric radiographs is reliable and can be applied to both girl and boy subjects for both legal requirements and therapeutic needs of age estimation.

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