Interventional Radiology - Original Article

Risk factors for occurrence of local tumor progression after percutaneous radiofrequency ablation for lung neoplasms

  • Takuji Yamagami
  • Takeharu Kato
  • Tatsuya Hirota
  • Rika Yoshimatsu
  • Tomohiro Matsumoto
  • Junichi Shimada
  • Tsunehiko Nishimura

Received Date: 21.03.2007 Accepted Date: 27.07.2017 Diagn Interv Radiol 2007;13(4):199-203


To examine the characteristics of lung tumors for which radiofrequency (RF) ablation therapy is effective, and to determine what RF ablation parameters are effective for obtaining complete coagulation of the entire ablation zone with a single RF ablation session.


Computed tomography (CT)-guided RF ablation of lung tumors was performed on 82 lesions in 34 patients between April 2003 and May 2005. Tumor characteristics and ablation parameters, including tumor size, location, and depth, and ablation duration, power deployed during ablation, and temperatures achieved were analyzed with regard to local tumor progression.


In all, 103 RF ablation sessions were performed on 82 tumors. As a procedure-related complication, pneumothorax occurred in 27 procedures. During the mean follow-up period of 10 months (range, 6–28 months), local tumor progression occurred in 18 (22.0%) of the 82 ablated tumors (3 months after RF ablation in 10, 6 months after RF ablation in 5, 9 months after RF ablation in 1, and 12 months after RF ablation in 2). Mean local progressionfree duration was 8.7 ± 4.5 months (range, 3–28 months). The frequency of local tumor progression was significantly correlated with size, whereas other variables had no statistical association. In tumors with a diameter ≥2.5 cm, only the period of ablation during the initial session was significantly correlated with subsequent local tumor progression (P = 0.000002, chi-square test).


A long duration of RF ablation is desirable for large lung tumors. The success of RF ablation is dependent upon tumor size. RF ablation treatment is most effective for lesions <2.5 cm.

Keywords: computed tomography guidance • lung neoplasms • radiofrequency catheter ablation