General Radiology - Technical Note 2016

Three-dimensional imaging and cone beam volume CT in C-arm angiography with flat panel detector

  • Sergin Akpek
  • Thomas Brunner
  • Goetz Benndorf
  • Charles Strother

Received Date: 20.04.2004 Accepted Date: 20.07.2004 Diagn Interv Radiol 2005;11(1):10-13

We evaluated a new 3D angiography system with a flat panel detector (FPD) for its capabilitiy to acquire volume sets during a single rotation scan and to reconstruct high spatial resolution three-dimensional and cross sectional images, namely cone beam volume computed tomography (CBVCT) images. Present status of the technique, advantages and potential applications are discussed.

Keywords: angiography, tomography, X-ray computed, imaging, three dimensional