Pediatric Radiology - Case Report

Traumatic lumbar artery pseudoaneurysm: the role of CT angiography in diagnosis and treatment


  • Meltem Ceyhan
  • Ümit Belet
  • Serdar Aslan
  • Suat Ayyıldız
  • Kamil Göl

Received Date: 15.07.2008 Accepted Date: 26.07.2008 Diagn Interv Radiol 2010;16(2):162-164

Pseudoaneurysm of lumbar artery is a rare and late complication of penetrating trauma. We report the Doppler ultrasonography and multidetector computed tomography angiography findings and endovascular embolization treatment of a pseudoaneurysm of lumbar artery in a 14-year-old girl following a gunshot wound.

Keywords: lumbar artery , aneurysm, false , trauma, embolization, therapeutic