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A curious case of forceps delivery in IR


Department of Radiology, Rosalind Franklin University Chicago School of Medicine, Chicago, USA


Department of Interventional Radiology, Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center, Chicago, USA

Diagn Interv Radiol 2019; 25: 242-244
DOI: 10.5152/dir.2019.18169
Read: 925 Downloads: 440 Published: 03 September 2019


Self-expanding nitinol stents are routinely used to treat left common iliac vein compression in patients with May-Thurner syndrome. On occasion these stents do not provide adequate radial force to achieve a sufficient iliac lumen. If symptoms persist and persistent iliac vein compression is noted then balloon-expandable stents may be used to provide buttressing support at the compression site.  We present a case where the buttressing balloon-expandable stent is crushed and subsequently removed percutaneously prior to placement of a high radial force self-expanding stent at the compressive site.


You may cite this article as: Bondarev S, Resnick S. A curious case of forceps delivery in IR. Diagn Interv Radiol 2019; 25:242-244.

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