Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Chest Imaging - Case Report 2016

CT features of intrathoracic gossypiboma (textiloma)


Department of Diagnostic Radiology, University of Pamukkale, Denizli, Turkey


Department of Radiology, Pamukkale University Hospitals, Denizli, Turkey


Department of Radiology, Pamukkale University School of Medicine, Denizli, Turkey

Diagn Interv Radiol 2011; 17: 122-124
DOI: 10.4261/1305-3825.DIR.3120-09.0
Read: 1471 Downloads: 622 Published: 03 September 2019


Here, we present chest radiography and computed tomography (CT) findings for three cases of mediastinal and pleural gossypiboma. Radiological manifestations varied according to the locations and chronicities of the gauze sponges and the types of reactions that they caused. CT analysis readily diagnosed gossypibomas in the early postoperative period by showing well-defined mediastinal- or pleural-based masses with hyperdense rims and central air bubbles. However, one patient presented in the late postoperative period, and a CT scan revealed a well-defined, solid pleural mass that was devoid of air bubbles; a correct diagnosis could not be established and the patient had to be reoperated on. Radiologists should be aware of different manifestations of this rare condition in cases of prior thoracic surgery and persistent respiratory symptoms.

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