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Abdominal Imaging - Review
Abdominal and pelvic radiographs of medical devices & materials- part 2: neurologic and genitourinary devices & materials
1 Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, University of Alberta School of Medicine and Dentistry, Edmonton, Canada  
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Radiographs of the abdomen and pelvis are routinely obtained as a standard part of clinical care for the abdomen and pelvis. Brisk advances in technology over the last few decades have resulted in a multitude of medical devices and materials. Recognizing and evaluating these devices on abdominal and pelvic radiographs are critical, yet increasingly a difficult endeavor. In addition, multiple devices serving different purposes may have a similar radiographic appearance and position causing confusion for the interpreting radiologist. The role of the radiologist is to not only identify accurately these medical objects, but also to confirm for their accurate placement and to recognize any complications that could affect patient care, management or even be potentially life threatening. An extensive online search of literature showed our review article to be the most comprehensive work on medical devices and materials of the abdomen and pelvis, and in this second part of our two-part series, we discuss in depth about the neurologic and genitourinary devices seen on abdominal and pelvic radiographs.

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