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Interventional Radiology - Technical Note
Introducing PHIL (precipitating hydrophobic injectable liquid) – a new embolic agent for the body interventional radiologist
1 Department of Radiology, Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, United Kingdom  
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A number of embolic agents are currently available each with their own properties. Precipitating Hydrophobic Injectable Liquid (PHIL) is a new DMSO compatible embolic agent which has a number of specific properties which make it of interest to Interventional Radiologists.

We reviewed the use of PHIL in our non neurointerventional experience describing its use in a range of procedures such as trauma embolisation, pseudoaneurysm embolisation and tumour embolisation.

PHIL is a new agent with specific properties such as good distal penetration, lack of skin discolouration, the possibility of rapid injection and a lack of glare artefact on follow up CT imaging. These properties make it an important new tool in the armamentarium of the body interventional radiologist

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