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Outcome of manuscripts rejected for publication in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology: do not lose hope
1 Department of Radiology, GATA Haydarpaşa Teaching Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey  
2 Department of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, GATA Haydarpaşa Teaching Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey  
3 Department of Cardiology, GATA Haydarpaşa Teaching Hospital, İstanbul, Turkey  
4 Department of Radiology, Pamukkale University Medical Faculty, Denizli, Turkey  
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Purpose: To investigate the outcome of the submissions rejected by Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (DIR).


Methods: We identified all submission rejected by DIR between 1 August 2012 and 31 December 2013 and using the titles of the rejected manuscripts as well as the initials of the authors we conducted a MedLine/PubMed and Google Scholar search to identify those subsequently published in other journals.


Results: A total of 309 (71.3%) manuscripts out of 433 submitted to DIR between 1 August 2012 and 31 December 2013 were rejected after peer-review. Of these, 183 (59.2%) were subsequently published in a total of 141 journals within a median of 11-month (IQR: 7–18 months) duration. Overall 112 (61.2%) of the rejected manuscripts were published in 98 (69.6%) non-radiology journals. Thirty (35.2%) of the journals that published 35 (19%) of the rejected manuscripts had higher impact factors than DIR. The odds of a paper to receive a citation was significantly higher if it was published in DIR than elsewhere (odds ratio [OR]=9.2; 95%CI= 4.3-19.5) and the mean (± SD) number of citations per paper was higher in accepted versus rejected manuscripts (1.51± 1.688 vs. 0.19± 0.478, p<0.001).


Conclusion: We found that more than half of the manuscripts rejected by DIR were eventually published elsewhere within one-year after rejection. 

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