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Purpose: To assess the reliability of measuring the fat content of the lumbar vertebral marrow and the paraspinal muscles using magnetic resonance (MR) imaging mDIXON-Quant sequence.


Methods: Thirty-one healthy volunteers were included. All participants underwent liver mDIXON-Quant MR imaging on a 3.0T Philip MR scanner by observer A. Within 2 weeks, observer B repeated the scan. After the examination, each observer independently measured the fat content of the third lumbar vertebra (L3), and the psoas (PS), erector spinae (ES), and multifidus (MF) muscles on central L3 axial MR images. After 2 weeks, each observer repeated the same measurements. They were blinded to their previous results. Reliability was estimated by evaluating the repeatability and reproducibility.


Results: The repeatability of the fat content measurements of L3, PS, ES, and MF was high. The intraclass correlation coefficients of the fat content of L3, PS, ES, and MF were 0.997, 0.984, 0.997, and 0.995, respectively, for observer A and 0.948, 0.974, 0.963, and 0.995, respectively, for observer B. The reproducibility of the measurement of the fat content of L3, PS, ES, and MF was high, and the interclass correlation coefficients were 0.984, 0.981, 0.977, and 0.998, respectively.


Conclusion: Using mDIXON-Quant imaging to measure the fat content of the lumbar vertebral marrow and paraspinal muscles shows high reliability and is suitable for use in clinical practice.

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